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RIHANNA:Good Girl Gone Bad Live DVD


Good Girl Gone Bad Live DVD

cena: 2645 din. [ubaci u korpu]

format: DVD 10 Video

datum izlaska: 07. Aug 2008.

Good Girl Gone Bad Live is the first music DVD and Blu-Ray release video from R&B singer Rihanna. It was released on 13 June, 2008 in Europe. The DVD includes the show from the MEN Arena in Manchester, England, filmed during The Good Girl Gone Bad Tour on the 6 December, 2007. This DVD was nominated for one of the 51st Grammy Awards for Best Long Form Music Video.

Track list
   1. Introduction
   2. "Pon De Replay"
   3. "Break It Off"
   4. "Let Me"
   5. "Rehab"
   6. "Breakin' Dishes"
   7. "Is This Love" (Bob Marley cover)
   8. "Kisses Don't Lie"
   9. "Scratch"
  10. "SOS"
  11. "Good Girl Gone Bad"
  12. "Hate That I Love You"
  13. "Unfaithful"
  14. "Sell Me Candy"
  15. DJ Kevmo / "Don't Stop the Music"
  16. "Push up on Me"
  17. "Shut Up and Drive"
  18. "Question Existing"
  19. "Umbrella"

Bonus features
1. "Documentary Feature" - This is a documentary of the journey of the Good Girl Gone Bad Tour from September to March. Rihanna talks about her outfits, the setlist, the band and the stage layout.
2. "Hidden Video" -"Umbrella" homemade video by the crew.

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